Rentz Management is setup to handle all of the paperwork, accounting, and customer service to provide comprehensive full service management for your Association. We have great rapport with the best contracting companies for everything from security and emergency response to elevator repair and pest control.  We are willing and able to provide multiple bids for review on various projects as requested by the board.

“Two years ago our association changed management companies.  Within the first year Rentz was able to reallocate funds enabling us to complete higher quality improvements to our property.  We have made severely needed repairs to our buildings, walks and driveways, and resolved some major drainage issues. Today we maintain a strong professional relationship with Rentz Management and are enjoying continued progress in maximizing our community’s potential.”– D. L., Florence, KY 

In addition, we have developed a customized, state-of-the-art database system which is used to track and maintain information on all aspects of the management of your property.  All homeowner information including work orders, reports on work done, collections information, and homeowner account statuses is maintained within this system, creating a hub from which we can effectively manage the information about your community.

Our newly developed website complements our database by allowing homeowners to login and access their information, make payments online, submit various forms including work order requests and homeowner questionnaires, and download copies of the association documents among other forms.

Aside from using customized, up-to-date technology to serve your property to the fullest, Rentz Management operates on the principle that personalized service and detailed, reliable and timely communication are key in maintaining a successful and rewarding business relationship.  Our hands-on approach to management coupled with our customized technological system of data retention in addition to the solid reputation we have built with homeowners and contractors alike over our thirty plus years experience in the business are what make Rentz Management a clear leader in property management.