Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set myself up as a user for the Homeowner Portal?

To set yourself up as a user for the Homeowner Portal, your username is the first 6 letters of your last name followed your Owner ID number. If you do not know your Owner ID number, please contact our office and we will be happy to give it to you. The initial login password is RENTZ4815. Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you will be automatically prompted to update this to a personalized, more secure password for future use.

How do I pay my monthly fees online?

To pay your monthly fees online, you must set up an account in our Payment Center, which is powered through a secure site set up by Fifth Third Bank.  To do so, you must enter your Owner ID number and your mailing zip code.  Once you are logged in, you have the option of making a one-time payment directly from your bank account.

Do you accept credit cards?

At this time, we are not set up to accept payment via credit or debit cards. In the near future we are looking into getting this set up for each interested Association. If you would like to have the ability to make payments by credit or debit card in the future, please express your interest to the board members of your Association.

How do I check my account balance?

You can check your account balance in two ways, either through the Payment Center or the Homeowner Portal.  The Payment Center allows you to take action and make payment on your account, while the Homeowner Portal offers up a more extensive history of payments assessed to your account.

How do I change my owner or renter information?

Owner and renter information can be updated through the Homeowner Portal. Simply login and select “Update Information.” The information that you submit will be processed in our office before becoming available online.

What is the best way to report a problem?

You can report a problem by submitting a work order request through the Homeowner Portal or by calling or emailing our office. All information for contacting Rentz Management can be found on the “Contact Us” page.

How do I request a work order?

Online, you must login to the Homeowner Portal to request a work order. Once logged in, click the tab for “Work Requests” and then click “Add New Record.” Our office staff will be notified of your request and will take action to resolve your issue.

When will I be updated on the status of my work order request?

You will automatically receive an email after submitting your work order request confirming that we have received and are processing it. You will be updated on the status of that request once proper action has been put into motion in resolving it.

Can I get a copy of my HOA documents?

Yes, you can access all of your HOA documents via the Homeowner Portal. Once logged in, select the “Documents/Forms” tab. All HOA documents are provided in PDF form and are able to be downloaded to your home computer (If there is something missing that you need a copy of, please contact our office. Some documents have not made it onto the website yet.)